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DIGTOONS Media was feeling generous this season. The team decided to give away sixteen Champion Coloring books to a group of kids at a child care center called Sheltering Arms. Mr. Morris Mapp was so excited to hear that each and every one of his kids were going to take home a Champions Coloring Book this holiday season.

The team, of course, was excited to do a giveaway. Let’s hear from a few of them.

What did you think of the idea or the reaction of giving away a bunch of coloring books to a group of kids to take home for the holidays?

“I could just see the smiles on their little faces or maybe imagine how focused they looked when coloring in the books.”
“It was an exciting feeling giving a product away that you knew was going to impact the lives of young people of color.”
“It was refreshing and nostalgic. Reminding me of the joys of being a child that age receiving an amazing gift wrapped with your name on it.”

The Champions coloring books weren’t the only thing given to the kids. DIGTOONS sent the kids this video to watch before they received the coloring book.

“Words can’t describe the excitement and joy we felt in our hearts from seeing the kids with their coloring books.” – Zion

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