Written By Zion Danielson

Christmas time is always a special time of the year.

For some people, it’s the season of holiday cheer, music, food, and long-standing traditions. For us, a lot of joy comes around Christmas time because we know it means a break.

Yes. It’s the time of year we can sit back, put our feet up, watch some movies, catch up on some tv shows, and eat well.

This year we decided to make a list of all the holiday movies we wanted to watch. We’d cut the movies out, put them in a bowl, and pick them at random.

Out of all the movies we’ve watched this season one movie stuck out to us a lot. If you’ve read the title then you already know. Jingle Jangle A Christmas Journey. A story about a beloved toymaker, Jeronicus, whose book of inventions is stolen by his own apprentice. With nothing left his life changes drastically driving everyone away until visited by his grandaughter Journey.

A little girl who shares the same gift as him, she takes him on a journey, hence the name, to take back what’s been stolen and restore all for before Christmas.

This was an outstanding musical featuring Forest Whittaker as Jeronicus, Madalen Mills as little Journey, Keegan-Michael Key as Gustafson, the evil apprentice, and more. An amazing cast, a great story, and a stunning soundtrack.

This movie definitely had us engaged and in the end, left us very pleased. It’s a perfect movie for the family this season.

Of course, we all had something to say about it. Let’s hear from the team. Shall we.

What did you think about the Movie Jingle Jangle?

Being the one who suggested the movie to the family, I enjoyed the movie as a whole, but my favorite part was probably the songs/soundtrack within the movie. It showcased all of the actors’ ability to act very well and sing well, and you could feel the emotions behind the singing parts that each character held in the song. I now have been listening to the soundtrack from the movie on repeat, and I love that it’s not traditional Christmas songs, despite it being a Christmas movie (meaning I can listen to the soundtrack year-round, lol).
Omg, I loved It! Since the 2014 Annie, with Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhan√© Wallis, I haven’t been met with a musical that I’ve enjoyed yet until I watched Jingle Jangle. This movie definitely is going down in the books as one of the best black musicals of all time.
I enjoyed Jingle Jangle because of the colors, the costumes, the music, and knowing that the couple who created the film were people of color and they worked collaboratively together to produce it in excellence.
I thought it was colorfully creative. I really enjoyed seeing a large black cast. It’s a fun, family-friendly, original production. Perfect holiday movie!

Well, you’ve heard it from the team. They loved the movie! The team loved the movie so much, we decided to take out the time to do something about it.

Jingle Jangle A Christmas Journey inspired us to create this video. Below, watch as one of our team members creates an amazing digital painting from the movie.

Amazing right?”

This is a perfect example of how astounding films can inspire people to do amazing things.” – Zion

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