MEET THE TEAM Interview: “ZEE” (PART 3)

Written By Zion Danielson


We’re taking a deep dive into the faces behind DIG TOONS MEDIA!


Welcome to “Meet The Team”, where we dive into each member of the team revealing who they are in their individual lives as well as how they are a part of the DIG TOONS MEDIA team.


Today we are interviewing Zee of DIG TOONS MEDIA.


“Welcome, Zee! Tell us about yourself.”

“Hi everyone! My name is Zion. I am 19 years old and I am a recent high school and film school graduate. Wow, time goes by so fast. I am 100% creative. I love to do just about everything. The majority of what I love has to do with art and beauty. Creating things is my passion. As a recent graduate, career-wise, I am still figuring out where I fit and what I want to do. But for now, I am the Social Media Marketing Manager for DIG TOONS MEDIA.”


“Do you have ambitions or aspirations?”

“Yes! I am very ambitious. My family can account for the many times I have expressed my excitement about what I want to do. I know I have a heart for people. I aspire to be an influencer one day. Not exactly sure what kind, but as long as I can share my life, my personality, and pretty much everything I do, I’ll be fine. I hope to inspire, entertain, and bring joy to people. I want people to feel good and experience amazing things. Alongside being an influencer, I want to be a creator. I love coming up with ideas. I’ve discovered my love for producing things as well as creating many things.


“What is your role in DIG TOONS MEDIA?”

“I am the team’s Social Media Marketing Manager and Producer-ish. I help develop and manage content across all our social media platforms. We are currently on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. We recently started a blog. When I’m not posting content, I help a lot in the idea phase or, what I like to call, the brainstorming process. This is where I assist by creating organized outlines for creative content. It’s putting steps in place for drafting ideas and producing them. I also film, do photoshoots, edit, and write for the blog.”


“What is your title and what does it mean?”

“Haha, my title is quite long. Honestly, I didn’t know what it meant until the team explained it to me. This video clip will definitely help explain a little bit about me and my title.”

Click here to watch the FULL DIG TOONS “MEET THE TEAM” VIDEO.


“Amazing talk. Thank you for allowing me to interview you!”

“Of course! No problem.”


What a dive! Stay tuned for Part 4 of “MEET THE TEAM” where will be interviewing the fourth team member “JERRI”.

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