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The DIG TOONS MEDIA team decided to do something fun over the weekend. As a team that works remotely, getting out of the house and absorbing some vitamin D while staying safe is important to do every once in a while.

Jerri and Izzy, two of the DIG TOONS MEDIA team members, thought of the idea to do a fry challenge as seen online. The “Fry Challenge” is simply taste-testing and rating a group of fast-food chain fries to conclude which location has the best fries.

Damon, from DIG TOONS MEDIA, thought it would be a cool idea to create rating cards to fill out for the taste testing. The cards looked like this. They consisted of five fast-food chains and 3 rating categories.

Fast Food Chains: (The ones we visited)

  1. Freddy’s
  2. Wendy’s
  3. Popeyes
  4. Chick-fil-A

Rating Categories:

  1. Taste (Determined by the overall flavor and seasoning.)
  2. Crispiness (How crunchy and crisp the fry is. Can you hear a crunch?)
  3. Quantity (Do they give you a good amount of fries. Is the cost worth the amount?)

The card also consisted of a rating scale with a rating from 1 to 10. 1 representing “not edible” and 10 representing “Anton Ego”.

*Anton Ego is a reference from the 2007 film Ratatouille.

Before the tasting, everyone wrote down on the back of their cards their prediction of which fast-food restaurant was going to score the highest.

Here were our predictions:

DAMON: Chick-fil-A

MARCIA: Chick-fil- A

JERRI: Popeyes

ZEE: Popeyes

IZZY: Popeyes


At 11 AM the DIG TOONS MEDIA TEAM took off and headed to the first stop which was Freddy’s. Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers. The team had visited Freddys before, but they all learned in this challenge that fries taste completely different when ordered by themselves.

Here were the scores:

  1. DAMON – 23
  2. MARCIA – 25
  3. JERRI – 21
  4. ZEE – 25
  5. IZZY – 21
“I liked Freddy’s fries, but they were a little too thin for me.”
“Shoestring fries with a nice crunch and flavor! That’s all I need.”

Freddy’s fries surprised the entire team.


The next stop was Popeyes. The team was excited and had high expectations for these fries. If you’re familiar with Popeyes you know they specialize in fried chicken. Popeyes fries are claimed to be one of the best fries you can ever have. They’re seasoned and crispy.

After this tasting, the team was surprised to find their expectations unfulfilled.

Here were the scores:

  1. DAMON – 18
  2. MARCIA – 18
  3. JERRI – 16
  4. ZEE – 12
  5. IZZY – 19
“I was honestly a little disappointed. I thought it would be crunchier and have a stronger flavor. Popeyes fries taste different alone.”

The Popeyes fries didn’t add up to what the team had envisioned.


After Popeyes, the team headed to Wendy’s. Wendy’s is known for its quality food. Hence, their tagline: “Quality is our Recipe”.

Here were the scores:

  1. DAMON – 17
  2. MARCIA – 17
  3. JERRI – 14
  4. ZEE – 14
  5. IZZY – 17
“They were horrible. They had no taste. There was a lack of salt. It was just not good.”

Most of the team agreed on the fact that the fries had little to no flavor and the fries needed salt.


The last stop was Chick-fil-A. The team was all too familiar with this fast-food chain and the taste of their fries, so it was made the last stop. Chick-fil-A is one of the largest American fast food restaurant chains and the largest whose specialty is chicken sandwiches. They are also known for their classic waffle fries.

Here were the scores:

  1. DAMON – 24
  2. MARCIA – 16
  3. JERRI – 16
  4. ZEE – 15
  5. IZZY – 20
They were decent. They just wern’t as flavorful.

It’s time to count up the scores.

The fast-food chain that had the highest overall score and won the fry challenge was Freddy’s. None of us predicted Freddy’s to be number one of the fry challenge, but their classic crunchy shoe string fries won us all over.

Stay Tooned.


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