Ladybug – The Audio Experience

Relationships can be interesting. They have their ups and downs. The greatest question you can ask yourself is are you ready for one?

Ladybug Circa 1994 is set in early 90s and follows three young women who are navigating their lives in and out of relationships. Their lives are definitely not without drama.

Ladybug is something you definitely need to experience for yourself as you travel back in time with Simone, DaShae and Amanda.

Sneak Preview Ladybug Now!

New and Improved App with easy access

In the first quarter of last year, DIG TOONS MEDIA launched an app. This app encompassed the start of multiple storylines and games related to these storylines. Although the launch was well received, we determined that the major barrier to enjoying the app was the sign up process.

As of this month, we have launched DIG TOONS MEDIA STUDIO as a solution this barrier. DIG TOONS MEDIA STUDIO now allows you to enjoy the DIG TOONS MEDIA storylines and games without the hassle of signing up for the app.